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A trip down memory lane

Our Company has been providing Lodging for guests since 2011. The very first house was furnished when Billy (one of the co-owners) was moving out of his house and wanted to do something a little different than a traditional rental. This was around the time when property rental platforms (like airbnb) were starting to become popular. But those platforms were just a piece of the puzzle that was envisioned. Providing a fleet of homes in “non vacation” destinations like Cleveland, supported by a turn key operation like a hotel, but still preserving the uniqueness of an individual home was the goal. Nick and Billy, who have been childhood friends, decided to join forces and make their vision a reality. Over the last 9 years we have grown from 1 house to over 30 units, and have transitioned from being a local to a regional company. We have overcome many operational hurdles that come with accommodating short term stays and extended stays, which very few companies in our industry have accomplished. We have created a business model that has given us full control with all decision making of our properties. This in turn has given us the opportunity to provide consistency with furnishings, service and comfort across the board.

Meet The House Hotels Team


Billy Fronimo


As a graduate of The Ohio State University Billy has spent time living in Columbus but is originally a native of the Cleveland area. He has been residing in Cleveland for the last 15 years and is proud to call it home. Billy has developed extensive knowledge and experience in real estate investing, residential rehabbing and marketing over the last 20 years. Over the last 10 years, along with his business partner, Billy has utilized his experience to build one of the largest short term rental companies in Ohio. Most of Billy’s time is spent handling the finances of the company, creating marketing strategies that are in line with the vision of the company and overlooking the maintenance of the properties. His approach to company culture is self empowerment and flexibility. In regards to company growth, it’s all about showing the customer that we appreciate them, and creating an environment that’s personable and flexible.


Nick Semertsidis


Nick is a graduate of The Ohio State University and also a Cleveland area Native. Nick and his wife Despina have 2 wonderful soon to be teenagers. He is very involved in his community and loves to give back when he can. Nick’s professional experience has brought a lot of growth to our company over the last 10 years. His back ground in the hotel and restaurant industry has helped in developing the backbone of our companies customer experiences. Nick spends most of his time ensuring guest experience is above expectations, handling technology that is involved with the operations and within the properties, and over looks guest accommodations. Nick also leads the charge of furnishing any and all new properties. Nick realizes that our guests have so many options for lodging, which is why making the extra effort for customer service is his number one goal.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sint fugiat asperiores autem eum veniam quas cum maiores at illo numquam, suscipit eveniet sunt qui sequi repellat veritatis voluptas id esse mollitia est inventore laborum! Rerum est quam eos assumenda debitis fugiat ipsa porro! Suscipit est nulla quam, molestias, neque excepturi eaque vel voluptatibus ea error consectetur fuga sapiente officia eveniet atque obcaecati veniam sint ab sed eos veritatis distinctio. Dolorem magni assumenda nemo tempore quos architecto dolor asperiores sit ipsa quas quisquam, qui quae odit necessitatibus soluta corporis sequi fuga sapiente. Repellendus maiores non libero, officiis voluptates voluptatem eos corporis.


Oswald Torres

Director of Maintenance

Oswald Torres is a certified HVAC/Plumbing Technician and a tenured house maintenance manager that handles any and all maintenance issues that may arise. Oswald has extensive experience with HVAC, Plumbing and electrical work. Anytime there is any maintenance issue, he is dispatched immediately and addresses whatever the issue is within a timely manner. He is dedicated to our company and has all the necessary experience, resources, and man-power to handle whatever issues may arise.


Georgia Pagonis

Director of Reservations and Administrations

Georgia Pagonis is a graduate of Cleveland State University with her degree in business administrative and Hospitality. Georgia has been with us almost from the beginning and has been a big part of our growth. She facilitates the reservations from the initial inquiry all the way to the check out. Any and all guest needs, requests and accommodations go directly to her. She works around the clock making sure the guests are taken care of whether that is handling the request herself or getting the appropriate person involved. Georgia also manages the office operations ranging from payroll, administrative tasks and managing our crew of cleaners.