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About Us

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Our Company has been providing Lodging for guests since 2011. The very first house was furnished when Billy (one of the co-owners) was moving out of his house and wanted to do something a little different than a traditional rental. This was around the time when property rental platforms (like airbnb) were starting to become popular. But those platforms were just a piece of the puzzle that was envisioned. Providing a fleet of homes in “non vacation” destinations like Cleveland, supported by a turn key operation like a hotel, but still preserving the uniqueness of an individual home was the goal. Over the last 9 years we have grown from 1 house to over 30 units, and have transitioned from being a local to a regional company. We have overcome many operational hurdles that come with accommodating short term stays and extended stays, which very few companies in our industry have accomplished. We have created a business model that has given us full control with all decision making of our properties. This in turn has given us the opportunity to provide consistency with furnishings, service and comfort across the board.

Billy Fronimo


Glenn Moore

Chief Strategy Officer

Oswald Torres

Director of Maintenance

Deanna Buehner

Director of Reservations/Customer Service & Bookkeeper