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What are we?

Half Hotel,+ half extended stay, + half Airbnb rental + and half really cool… wait, that adds up to more than 1 ??
That’s right, The House Hotels is greater than the sum of our parts when you put it all together.
Our portfolio consists of budget friendly lofts to large 8 bedroom homes.
Whether you’re a company with a large group looking for a fleet of homes near each other, a family needing transitional housing for 2 months or just traveling for the weekend we got you covered (literally and figuratively!)

Why Us?

Let’s put it this way:

  • We’re less expensive, and a lot more relaxing than a downtown hotel
  • More centrally located than an extended stay
  • And we provide more Lodging options and are more reliable than an individual renting out his house on the weekend. Why email a bunch of homeowners on airbnb and wait for replies, when you can just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!! And If we don’t have availability during your dates, we’ll even tap in to our network of furnished homeowners we work with behind the scenes.

What makes us Different?

In a nutshell, Inventory, and Control. We have a large inventory of properties for large groups and many options for the traveler with specific requirements. We also have full control of managing those properties..Meaning we furnish them without cutting corners, stock them with amentaties how we feel best accommodates you, and we’re consistent across the board with everything. Most companies similar to us use the home owners furniture, sheets, towels, and at the end of the day are at the mercy of the landlord on how they utilize the house..Not us, we have 100% control over Everything!.

Behind The Curtain

Our Houses

In regards to safety, all our properties are up to code with the city and have been updated throughout. We have a maintenance crew on staff to address any urgent needs if needed. We are constantly updating our houses when things get worn out or broken.


Our cleaning crew is very diligent in making sure every piece is thoroughly cleaned after every check out. All our bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases and comforters are of high quality linens. We take pride in making sure they are comfortable in order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


Our reservation and payment process is very flexible and is tailored to the needs of our guests. With longer stays, we use a rental agreement to assure that no details are left out. We send out PayPal invoices with payments which allows our guests to pay with a debit or credit card.


At anytime during a guests reservation, if there is any type of need, we're there to assist. All of our staff live minutes away making it easy to accommodate any need fairly quickly. Whether it's a request for extra blankets or just a question of where the best seafood restaurant is, we'll have an answer for you.