Finding housing is already difficult, but when you add medical expenses and city living, that can be overwhelming. Cleveland is a gorgeous city with great access to some of the best doctors in the country. With that being said, it’s good to know where the best places to host your extended stay housing are.

What is Extended Stay Housing?

Before we jump into looking for extended stay housing near a hospital, first we need to know what exactly we need to look for. Essentially, extended stay housing provides renters the opportunity to stay somewhere for a time that goes beyond what is average or expected. Situations like medical visits are a great example of this since the deadline isn’t known at the beginning of the renting process. 

Why Would Someone Need Extended Stay Housing?

Extended stay housing is the perfect option for those that don’t know when they’re going to be leaving and relocating. This can include a large range of people that may need to take advantage of this opportunity, such as:

  • Traveling nurses
  • Those who travel for business
  • Families between living situations
  • Impromptu vacationers

Benefits of Extended Stay Housing Near the Cleveland Clinic

There are dozens of advantages to living near a hospital, even if it is just temporary. Specifically, when choosing extended stay housing near the Cleveland Clinic, you’re getting the perks of having access to a large range and quality of doctors. If you’re from outside of Cleveland and are going to the Cleveland Clinic for appointments on a regular basis, it’s much more convenient to be within easy walking or driving distance. In addition, you then also don’t have to worry about the stress and exhaustion that comes with traveling.

Cardboard box with moving truck pictured on it.

Before Leaving, Ask Yourself This

There is a large variety of extended stay housing opportunities offered near the Cleveland Clinic. Depending on your price range, pets and utility needs, there are various living areas you can look into, however, you may want to consider these questions before you arrive:

What is the cost per night and can you afford it for a long period?

This is an important question to consider when you don’t have a given leave date. This can also then pose the question of financial need.

How large is the space?

If you’re a single person, you likely won’t need a whole house, however, if you’re traveling with kids you can’t all cram into a loft for weeks on end.

How walkable is the area?

If you’re planning to walk during most of your stay, be sure to look at the walkability score or check for possible construction. Although you’re paying to live at an extended stay location, you also don’t want to be trapped there.

Is parking too large of an added expense?

Meters are a pain to deal with already, and if you’re relying on waking up on your own time or have a packed schedule, this likely isn’t too ideal of a situation.

Is the area kid-friendly?

If the area you’re going to isn’t fitting for everyone, it’s going to be a different trip than the one you’re hoping for. Making a trip educational or exciting for a kid is the perfect way to ensure a fairly seamless transition to a new area.

Do you need a pet-friendly space?

If you plan to bring your furry friend but the place you’re renting from is allergic to dogs, odds are your dog won’t be able to stay there. Most sites list whether or not the place is pet-friendly, so putting a pet-friendly filter in can save a trip.

Are You In Need of Extended Stay Housing?

The House Hotels of Cleveland are more than happy to help accommodate you and those traveling with you. We are passionate about providing every guest with an experience that goes beyond ordinary lodging. At The House Hotels, we understand how important it is to have a place to call home during a move, job relocation, or temporary work assignment. We specialize in lodging for both short-term and extended stay housing.

The House Hotels promises clean, conveniently located properties that will make you comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free. You’ll find just the right amount of service to make your stay smooth and easy without compromising your privacy.

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