Whether you’re moving because of a new job or looking for a fresh start, temporary housing can offer you benefits that you may not have considered otherwise. Their flexibility and list of services may surprise you! Check out these five ways temporary housing can make relocation much easier for you. 


Since temporary housing has furniture and running utilities, the moving process is much faster than it would be if you were buying a home. If you are moving for a job and need to get started right away, this may be beneficial for you, as you can settle into the area and not rush your search for a permanent home. Or, in a situation where your current lease may end before your new one begins, this could be a way to transition while you store or ship your furniture and belongings. 


Rather than paying for a hotel living out of a suitcase, staying in temporary housing provides the same amenities as living at home! Enjoy kitchens with cookware, extra bedrooms, storage and more. Family packages are also available to offer things like cribs, toys and car seats. Depending on what is offered, things like a gym or workout rooms can be included as well. You and your family will be much more cozy next to a fireplace than sitting around a T.V. in a hotel room. 


If you have medical concerns or any special needs, transitory housing is more likely to offer special accommodations than hotels or motels. Some places may even allow your pets as well! These services tend to be more accommodating with animals than apartments or hotels, and may even offer additional animal related services, like care or grooming for your pet.. There are tailored packages for families, children, pets and even those with special needs.Those with mobility issues can find specific services provided as well.

Errands and Services

Temporary housing can offer to cover some of your errands to help with your busy schedule as well. Things like grocery shopping, food delivery, dry cleaning, linen services, and post office and package drop offs are just a few provided. When moving or relocating, this could help anyone as they familiarize with the area, especially anyone busy with a new job. 


If you are new to the area, you could take advantage of any of the ‘staycation’ packages offered by the industry or city. More than likely your temporary housing distributor is connected to some services that may offer different recreations or travel guides around the area. Take advantage, not only for a good time, but to learn more about your new location!

Relocating to the Cleveland Area?

The cost of living in Cleveland is below the national average, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality! The Greater Cleveland area offers a location suitable for nearly anyone with something to do everywhere you go. With several renowned colleges in the area and great public schools, Cleveland is a growing spot for learning and academia. Cleveland offers diversity in all areas, especially the food. The West Side Market is just one of the culinary hot spots of the city! Come for the great food, stay for the great atmosphere. 

Looking For Your Own Temporary Housing?

The House Hotels offers temporary housing in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio! Along with our many guest services we offer convenient and precise accommodations to fit your every need. Whether its for family, business or group travel, House Hotels has you covered. Everything from dry cleaning to grocery shopping, our service list covers it all! Check out our website today!