According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as of March 2021, there have been over half of a million COVID-19 related deaths in the United States alone. Now, according to the CDC, as of March 2021, over 90 million vaccines have been administered in the US and things are looking up! While many people feel confident enough to travel now, experts insist the pandemic is far from over. 

No matter what, life, as we know it, has changed! The business world will have to adapt quickly to inspire confidence in its customers. The rental business is no different! 

Keep Your Guests Safe in Your Short Term Housing Rental

When it comes to cleaning during a pandemic, more is more. Clean your short term housing rental more than you think you should upon your guest’s arrival. It is understood that COVID-19 can be transmitted from person-to-person, as well as from surface-to-person. This means that frequently cleaning surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, handles, light switches, and anything else that is touched by hands regularly, needs extra attention! 

You obviously won’t be there to wipe surfaces down for your guests during their stay at your short term housing rental. Consider leaving some basic cleaning supplies for your guests! Bonus points for having hand sanitizer and extra masks for your guests, in case they forget to bring their own. They will appreciate the thought you put into keeping them healthy!

Man hands using wash hand alcohol gel or sanitizer bottle dispenser, against Novel coronavirus or Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) . Antiseptic, Hygiene and Health concept

Which Sanitizers Work the Best? 

There is a list of disinfectants and sanitizers that the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed acceptable to use in eliminating the COVID-19 virus. While they haven’t been officially tested on the COVID-19 strain, they have been tested against harder-to-kill, tougher viruses. As a general rule of thumb, products with ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and ethanol will work well. You can also make bleach solution with water, but be careful not to mix bleach with other disinfectants because it could create toxic fumes. 

It may seem silly, but read the directions carefully on your cleaning products! Some solutions need to sit for a while on surfaces to be effective. You can find this information on your product’s instruction label under ‘contact time.’

Digital Devices

Studies have shown that your smartphone might be the dirtiest item in your short term housing rental. Up to 10x dirtier than a toilet seat! Your smartphone goes with you everywhere, sits on all kinds of surfaces, and is in constant contact with your hands and face. It makes sense that it would need to be cleaned. But, how do you clean a smartphone? The easiest way to clean your smartphones, tablets, and remote controls are with disinfecting wipes that contain at least 70% alcohol. Having things on hand for your guests would be a great idea!


It is important that all bedding, towels and tablecloths are cleaned and sanitized as well. Pandemic or not, there is nothing worse than staying in a short term housing rental with iffy sheets! Proper linen care can make the difference between a great review or a loss of a customer. You should have at least one extra set of fresh bedding and towels available in a closet or drawer for your guests. 

Deep Cleaning Ideas

To give your guests real peace of mind, sanitizing carpets and rugs may also be a great idea. This is also helpful to minimize possible allergens in your rental like pollen, dust, or pet dandruff. Short term housing rentals can be hard to keep up with, especially with these higher cleaning standards. It may save you time and hassle to go with a professional cleaning service to help you during stretches of high turnover.

Need Help with Your Cleveland or Columbus Rental?

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