Short term rentals are becoming more popular with platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and others. The connectedness that the internet provides us with makes things like renting a house out for short periods of time much more convenient and easier to handle. It seems like finding your rental house is the easy part, and the hard part has become finding what to do while you’re in town for the weekend. To make the most of your weekend with short term rentals, you’ll want to explore as much of the local area as you have time for! 

Some Places to Start

Whether or not you are in town for a specific reason, it will always be worth it to explore a new area. Getting the chance to meet new people, try different restaurants and diving into local bars can give you a new experience to try things you may have never considered otherwise. 

Local Restaurants and Bars

Every city has its own unique selection of bars and restaurants that vary from location to location. Take some time to research the area and the local restaurants. You may be surprised by what you find! Something like an authentic Mexican restaurant in the Midwest may not be what you initially search for, but there may be a hidden gem in the local area! 

As things warm up for the summer and as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, more places are opening back up and offer outside seating on their patios. Research or ask locals what the popular bar in the area is to find a good time. 

Local Events

The weekend is the time for events and entertainment, so when you’re looking for things to do over the weekend at your short term rental, check the local events for the town or city you are staying in. There may be open mic nights for music or comedy that won’t have any entrance fees or costs to watch. If you’re looking to get outside, see if there are any amateur leagues playing your favorite sport at a local park or field. Rising talent and amateur players always appreciate a bigger audience to support them.

Bench in the park and curved stone brick path


If you don’t want to stay inside your short term rental all weekend long, check out the local parks in the area you are staying in. Even if your short term rental is in a similar climate to your home, the parks near your rental can still offer a new experience. If you are in a different climate, say an American Southwester coming to the northeast coast, this is the perfect opportunity to explore parks and nature that differs from the environment you are used to. If you are staying in a main city, you can check out the local zoo for another day-long nature experience. 

Beaches or Lakes 

Is your short term rental near any bodies of water? Take advantage of the warm weather during the summer to visit the beach and soak up some sun. Even if you aren’t near the ocean, large bodies of water, like lakes, specifically the Great Lakes, still have beaches you can visit. If you are landlocked with your short term rental, search for a local lake or reservoir. You can still have fun swimming or boating in a lake. Check if any local lakes offer water skiing, tubing, kayaking or other fun water activities. 

The House Hotels Short Term Rentals

The House Hotels provides short term rentals in Ohio for the Cleveland and Columbus areas. Our rental properties are in great locations in close proximity to great food, entertainment, parks and many other fun things to do! Visit our website or call (216) 202-3501 today!