The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when hearing about short-term rental housing is Airbnb. This rental option, due to Airbnb and other platforms, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Short-term rental housing is a furnished apartment, home, or condominium that is leased for a time, usually shorter than the typical 12-month lease. They are leased for days or months at a time — often less than six months. With short-term leases, renters can enjoy a shorter stay and have less of a commitment than they would with long-term leases. They can also offer reasonable prices, quality furnishings, and a decent amount of space. Short-term rentals are not to be confused with extended stay rentals. With extended stay housing, renters can stay for as long as needed.

Short-term rental housing can be found anywhere! So, next time you are planning a trip, consider short-term rentals in Cleveland. 

Why Would Someone Stay in Short-Term Rental Housing? 

Short-term leases are perfect for renters who want to feel more at home. Because they are fully furnished homes or apartments, they have a more comfortable feeling than a hotel. They also typically come with all of the amenities you would find at home. Short-term rental housing offers flexibility and no obligation to stay any longer than desired. They are perfect for family vacations or even a quick business trip. They are also a great option for someone who is moving to a new city until they find their permanent home. You can explore new cities and find the best neighborhood for you. 

Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Rentals 

Short-term and long-term rentals both offer the same property options. The main difference between the two is that short-term rental is between one evening to a couple of months, while long-term is longer. 

Pros & Cons of Short-Term Housing Rentals

Like everything, there are pros and cons. Short-term housing rentals are no exception. Let’s explore the pros and cons.  


Short-term housing rentals typically come with lenient contracts and flexibility with moving in and out. Additionally, since most short-term rentals are not much longer than a weekend, there is not a lot of wear and tear on the property. They offer most amenities homes have, like washer and dryers, dishwashers, etc. With their comfortable feel, short-term housing rentals are like a home away from home!   


Unfortunately, short-term rentals have the potential to be expensive. They are typically more expensive than long-term housing rentals because it costs the landlords more. For landlords, they have to have the property prepped every few months, or shorter, which costs them a lot of resources and time. Considering that contracts are more lenient, there is a possibility for a change in lease terms. This also includes contract termination with little heads-up. 

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How Does It Work? 

After scheduling your vacation or your boss telling you about the convention out of town, it is time to start looking into short-term rental housing. Luckily, this can all be arranged online. You can choose from a variety of living options and pick which is best for you. If your entire family is planning to vacation together, selecting a multiple-bedroom home would be the best bet. If you are staying alone just for a weekend for work, a small apartment would be a good option. You are then able to stay at the property for as little time as needed.  

Interested in Short-Term Rentals in Cleveland? 

Whether it’s a short-term or extended stay, The House Hotels offers budget-friendly options for your trips in Cleveland and Columbus. We help make your family vacations, business trips, or group trips comfortable and affordable. We also offer errand and cleaning services, local relocation services, local travel guide services, hourly housing rentals, and other packages and accommodations. Contact us to hear more about our short-term rentals in Cleveland. Give us a call at (216) 202-3501 or visit our website.