If you’re looking for temporary living accommodations, choosing between short term housing and weekly hotel rates is a decision that takes some time and research to figure out. Hourly house rates are the first thing that is often considered. However, there are a variety of factors that actually come into play once you look a bit further.

Benefits of Short Term Housing

Hourly house rentals, like short term housing, gives guests the opportunity to temporarily switch to another home-like environment. When you choose to book a stay at a hotel, you’re expecting other people to stay near you. This can add to possible noise factors and a difference in living conditions that you’ll have to be mindful of. This option is normally more ideal for people looking for a more private and secluded temporary stay than what you often experience with busy hotels.

When looking at short term housing, more often than not, you aren’t looking for the hotel luxuries that come with normal hotel rates. After all, if you aren’t planning on utilizing the added amenities anyway, what’s the point in paying for them? When looking at short term housing, you’re normally looking to make the most of your time. If you’re putting more money into the things you don’t want then you could be missing out on the things you do want.

Downsides to Short Term Housing

Short term housing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the perfect example of appropriate hourly house rentals because it acts as a house, not a hotel. If you’re going on vacation and want that vacation experience that comes with interacting with other people, go with weekly hotel rates. That’s not to say that short term housing is a bad option, it just may not be the best option for this type of vacation.

If you’re an extrovert that likes to be around people and be the life of the party, don’t put more money towards any hourly house rentals that you won’t be utilizing. Rather, invest that money and effort into a hotel with a weekly rate that you can socialize at.

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Benefits of Weekly Hotel Rates

The key to benefitting from the perks of any hourly house rentals, especially weekly hotel rates, is to embrace the things you’re paying for. Depending on where the hotel is and when you go, different amenities will be offered to you that are included with your stay. Most of these amenities are visible to the guests upon arrival, such as:

  • Swimming pool
  • Inclusive meals
  • Travel Kits (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)
  • Access to wi-fi
  • Toy Rental Services (for kids)
  • Free Bike Rental Services
  • Gym Access

Although these perks aren’t exactly necessary, they can have the benefit of making your stay easier and more enjoyable.

Downsides to Weekly Hotel Rates

Although when you’re choosing hourly house rentals, hotel living can feel luxurious, a lot of us still prefer the moment we come home. The comforting sense of home is a perk that a lot of hotels have trouble achieving because it’s difficult to achieve that goal and still keep a large number of guests. This can then also affect the amount of profit seen.

Another reason a lot of guests tend to avoid hotel life is because of the lack of location. If you’re in a situation of extended stay or an emergency occurs and need to leave more suddenly, a hotel chain isn’t going to have much concern for your personal emergency. If you choose to take advantage of any hourly house rentals, short term housing is likely going to offer easier access to sudden schedule changes and inconveniences.

Need Help Finding Hourly House Rentals?

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