A clean, Cleveland vacation rental makes happy guests, and cleanliness is especially highly valued during a pandemic. Here are some tips to keep your Cleveland vacation rental clean, your guests happy, and your business growing.

General Cleaning

Certain tasks will have to be done in every room in the house, like dusting and disinfecting. These are basic things that will be a dead giveaway if you forget them in Cleveland vacation rentals. 

Check for Lost Items

Look in drawers and under furniture to ensure that your previous guests didn’t leave anything behind. Your previous guests will appreciate having their belongings back.

Take Out the Trash

An easy task that is easily overlooked. Go through Cleveland vacation rentals and take out the trash as soon as your guests leave. This will prevent garbage smells from lingering in the rental.


Dust is a subtle thing that can make a rental seem dirtier than it actually is. Dusting before new guests come in will ensure that the property feels clean and can reduce the amount of allergens that might make a guest uncomfortable. To make dusting easier, consider your decor – oddly shaped vases and trinkets are a pain to dust, so displaying less and choosing simpler shapes will make your job easier.

Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop

This may seem like a no-brainer, but vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping should be done often and should be done thoroughly. Keep an eye out for stray hairs, as they get everywhere and will make your guests feel disgusted.

Cleveland vacation rentals are particularly prone to rock salt and salt dust in the winter. Taking care of that should be a priority, but be careful – rock salt can damage vacuums. If a carpeted area has accumulated a lot of rock salt, sweep the salt off first and then vacuum.

Clean Glass

Any reflective surface in your rental property should be polished and streak-free – this includes mirrors, windows, and any mirrored furniture you may have. Looking after the glass will give your Cleveland vacation rental a polished, professional look.


Disinfecting commonly touched surfaces should always be a priority, but it’s an especially important task during a pandemic. Commonly touched surfaces include tables, countertops, doorknobs, and cabinet handles. Don’t forget soap dispensers, remotes, light switches, and any other buttons that might be touched often.

Room By Room

Dividing up your cleaning by room can make your job feel more manageable. You don’t have to clean the whole property, just this room. Certain tasks will be confined to one room, too – there’s no toilet in the bedroom, and no bed in the bathroom.

In the Kitchen

  • Do the dishes. Even if your previous guests washed the dishes, wash them again to make sure they have been cleaned to your standards. Check unused dishes too to see if they have accumulated any dust – those will need washing too.
  • Clean out the fridge and microwave. Don’t let old food sit in the fridge for your next guests to find. Throw out old food and clean up any spills and crumbs. Check your microwave for splatters and spills, too, and don’t forget to disinfect the buttons and handle.

In the Bathroom

  • Change out the towels. Remove all towels, whether or not they were used, and replace them with fresh, clean ones. Make sure the old towels get cleaned well.
  • Clean the tub drain. Cleaning out the tub drain is a gross, but necessary, job. Cleaning it often will help prevent clogs and poor drainage.

In Bedrooms

  • Change out the bedding. Strip the old bedding to be washed and check for bed bugs and lice. Previous guests may have brought these pests from home and you don’t want your next guests to leave with them.
  • Check for lost items again. Open and close all the drawers. Look under the bed. Check the closet. Make sure guests didn’t leave any clothes, jewelry, or other items behind.

Women using wireless vacuum cleaners cleaning the floor at home

More Cleveland Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

Here are some final tips to help you finish up cleaning your Cleveland vacation rentals:

Follow a Checklist

Make a cleaning checklist to ensure that all the necessary cleaning is done every time. Organize your list by room and follow the list from top to bottom after each guest.

Start with the Laundry

Doing laundry is a lot of waiting around. Go through your vacation rental and remove the towels, bedding, and any other laundry before you do any other cleaning. Start a load of laundry then get cleaning. Rotate laundry and keep cleaning. Fold laundry as it comes out of the dryer so that you’re only folding one load at a time, instead of a whole rental property’s worth of laundry at once.

Work From the Top Down

As you clean higher surfaces, you will inevitably end up with dirt and debris on lower surfaces. Work from the top down so that you don’t have to clean surfaces a second time. Start with the dusting, then move on to disinfecting, and end with the floors.

Check Bulbs and Batteries

Test all the lightbulbs in your Cleveland vacation rentals to find out if any of the bulbs need replacing. Check anything that requires batteries, too, like remotes. Have a stash of replacement bulbs and batteries on hand to make this job easier, and to make sure you’re prepared if a guest contacts you about an issue.

Look Outside

Don’t forget to check the outdoor areas of Cleveland vacation rentals! Take care of your garden in the spring and summer, clear the lawn of leaves in the fall, and make sure all sidewalks and driveways are cleared of snow in the winter. Clean the debris off patio furniture and check for damage.

Schedule a Deep Clean

Cleveland vacation rentals should be deep cleaned at least twice a year. Do all your regular cleaning and then some – steam clean carpets and rugs, have upholstered furniture cleaned, and wash all kitchenware. Any deep cleaning you would do in your own home should be done in your rental property as well.

Need Help Cleaning Cleveland Vacation Rentals?

Contact The House Hotels! We are passionate about providing every guest with an experience that goes beyond ordinary lodging. We also offer full management services for house and apartment rental hosts. This means we can take care of your property rental while you sit back and relax. Contact us on our website or call us at (216) 202-3501.