What is Corporate Housing?

A corporate housing rental is utilized by a variety of different people. Tenants are often interns, relocated employees, and sometimes even displaced homeowners. There are various reasons for your tenants to be there. Your tenant may need a place for the weekend to attend a convention, a place to live and work out for a month while their own home is being repaired, or a place for the summer to complete an internship. These unique situations can understandably bring stress to those dealing with them. Because corporate housing rental is often a less expensive and more comfortable option than staying in a hotel, your corporate housing rental brings the perfect solution to folks in these positions! 

If you are someone who owns and operates a corporate housing rental, it is important to note that more than ever before, how you feel in your home is crucial. Due to the pandemic, homes also take on the role of offices, classrooms, restaurants, and more. There are a few easy ways to incorporate design elements such as color, furniture positioning, and technological amenities that will make your guests experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. The last thing you want is to provide your tenant a space that doesn’t meet their needs!

Working From Home

A lot of businesses have begun switching to having employees work remotely. Ensure that your corporate housing rental has the internet services capable of hosting multiple workers. 

Video Conference Calls 

The pandemic has made working from home commonplace for many professionals. Home offices offer a lot of great benefits to employees, like comfort and flexibility, while simultaneously presenting new challenges. If you have had a remote working experience, you probably realized pretty quickly that when others have a busy mess in their background, it is distracting and comes off as unprofessional. Provide your tenants with a clean, minimalist space to feel confident in their video call meetings. Bonus points if there is a natural light source nearby! Natural light looks best when it comes to video calls!

Give your Tenant Options!

It is likely that each of your tenants in your corporate housing rental will have different needs when it comes to a work space. Give them options! A desk is a great place to start, however, what if they need a large table to really spread out a project? They may need a seating area that can accommodate a group of people for collaborative work. You won’t be able to anticipate every scenario, but it is something to think about!

Color Impacts Productivity

Bright colors often stimulate activity and energy, while duller colors provide a calming effect. Make sure to utilize colors to maximize the effect of your rooms. 

Brain Activity

The color choices you make for your corporate housing rental can actually impact the productivity, mood, and even brain activity of your tenants. According to consultants at Pantone Color Institute, a global color trend forecasting agency, the brain is more active when it is being exposed to red and blue light. On the other hand, green light has a calming and relaxing effect on the brain. This presents a great opportunity to incorporate blue and red light into spaces like the kitchen and office area while saving green light elements for spaces like the bedroom, living/recreational area, and bathrooms. These elements will evoke a separate mood that will help your tenant turn their ‘work mode’ and ‘relax mode’ on and off more effectively.

General Ways to Improve Your Rental

Whether you are starting from scratch or need help updating your current corporate housing rental, the House Hotels are here to help you through the interior design process. Consider adding these additional elements to your corporate housing rental. 

Consider House Plants!

House plants suggest that a clean and healthy environment is present. If you will be away from your corporate housing rental for a long time due to an extended stay of a tenant, consider realistic silk plants that will not need to be maintained. There are also plants that can comfortably go weeks without water or sunlight! Examples of these are the Snake plant, the ZZ plant, any veregation of the Pothos, and more!


Having some extra brain food stocked in your rental makes a difference. If your rental is directed towards corporate housing, that means your guests will be in there working hard! Having some chips, cookies, nuts, or protein bars will help them power through the day and get more done! I promise you, it is a worthwhile investment.

Need Help with Your Cleveland or Columbus Rental?

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